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veronica conti
11:58 05 Jan 21
Beautiful place
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Norberto Quinteros (TiTo)
17:21 28 Dec 20
An incredible place ... With the peace of the Traslasierra mountains, its owners treated us with a kindness and... outstanding services ... The park and the hostel were very beautiful, stream with aboriginal mortars, organic garden, beautiful paths to walk in bike, etc. There is no place for boredom and plenty for contemplation more
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23:56 17 Dec 20
Beautiful hostel to rest your mind and soul. They highlight the careful attention of its hosts (Param and Ananta), the... peace, simplicity and cleanliness of the place, the natural environment and the delicious food offered by the veggie menu (I recommend the picada for 2). Thumb up!read more
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Aldo Altamirano
23:36 13 Dec 20
Hello, the place is very beautiful, very quiet, the reception by the owner is welcoming, very attentive Param.
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La Casetería
16:17 23 Nov 20
Excellent weekend we spent at Eco Veggie. Paren, the host, a genius, very friendly and Super helpful. The setting,... fantastic. The facilities, super comfortable. We will be back!read more
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Sandrachapita Chapuis
20:42 22 Feb 20
It was a beautiful experience. I went in search of peace for a few days and I found that. Thank you Param and Ananta... for your hospitality, they made us feel like it was our home. See you more
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isaac santana
22:02 12 Feb 20
Very beautiful place . The food a delight. The pool is always very nice. The beautiful rooms all combine with the... place. The window view a show. Very happy thanks for more
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Vanina Maidana
00:01 02 Feb 20
The place is super quiet and beautiful! Ideal to rest and enjoy. The facilities are very well maintained, comfortable... and clean. The friendliness of the owners is to stand out, always attentive so that the stay is pleasant and comfortable!read more
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Jezabel Odalisca
23:19 01 Feb 20
Beautiful place to enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. Secured rest and exquisite food. Thanks to its owners for... the hospitality received. See you more
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Sandra Tevez
15:29 29 Jan 20
Excellent attention from their owners. Rich healthy food and the best option to disconnect and rest
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carolina baldrich
14:16 27 Jan 20
Great place. Ten food. The whole place hermsos the sink and attention ten. Thanks for everything
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Pablo Bertero
18:38 07 Jan 20
An unforgettable experience, the ideal environment to connect with our essence and nature! The room well set, every... detail taken care of ... the super cool barbecue, the pool to use at any time, the walks, etc ...To highlight: the breakfasts and lunches that can be ordered from the hosts ...We feel well received, very well attended and at the time of the farewell that flavor is left: "We will surely return!"read more
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